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Developed Projects  |  2011 → Automatic technology for the control and microbiological treatment in hydraulic circuits


Mentored by “IMPIVA” through the "Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico (Research and Technological Development)" program, file number “IMIDTA/2011/380”.

Obtained results: We performed a bioavailability study comparing different biocides, oxidizing and non-oxidizing, using samples of water standard and corresponding to real installations. In this study, the reaction kinetics of biocides (oxidizing and non-oxidizing) was tested in order to determine the reaction time needed to achieve optimal effectiveness of the biocide, with the same concentration of biocide in the same water matrix.

After performing these tests, we have identified the biocide dose required to reduce or eliminate microbiological contamination. Using different biocides, the optimal dose required to control microbial contamination was determined. This concentration should maximize the biocidal effect and maintain its stability and reaction time.

As a consequence of the tests and the experimental results, two biocides were selected; meeting compatibility requirements, synergy, bioefficiency and versatility.