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Current Projects  |  2013 – 2016 → e-GreenWater


In the program “CIP Eco-innovation CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2011”, with file number “ECO/11/304421 e-GreenWater”. Through the consortium comprises by SERVYECO, NEWTEC CLEANTECH CO. LTD., NEWTEC WATER SYSTEMS N.V. y HATENBOER-WATER B.V. LTD. With a budget of 1.623.772 €.

Objectives: Implementation of technology for recirculating water disinfection in greenhouses by electrolysis without adding salt or chemicals. Thus, disinfect without chemicals (aggressive for crops) will be carried out with high efficacy against chemical resistant microorganisms or other technologies, water treatment through recycling of process water and fertilizer savings will be achieved, and very low power consumption.