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Current Projects  |  2013 – 2016 → LIFE ADNATUR


Mentored by “Directorate – General Environment, EUROPEAN COMISSION - PROGRAMA LIFE + WATER”, with file number “LIFE12 ENV/ES/000265”. Through the consortium comprises by SERVYECO, EMPRESA GENERAL VALENCIANA DEL AGUA, AGENZIA NAZIONALE PER LE NOUVE TECNOLOGIE, L’ENERGIA E LO SVILUPPO ECONÓMICO, KERABEN GRUPO, TEXTILS MORA and led by AITEX. With a budget of 1.560.754 €.

Objectives: Validation, assessment and industrial demonstration of a new innovative and environmentally friendly technology, based on natural products, in primary treatment of wastewaters, at urban and industrial level.

The implementation of the new technology at EU level will constitute an economical, technical and environmental improvement, deriving in energy and resources save and no production of wastewater or hazardous chemical waste during the physical-chemical treatment of industrial or urban wastewaters. Furthermore, improving efficiency procedures of coagulants in wastewater treatment, compared with current alternatives in an objective.

To demonstrate these advantages, two wastewater treatment industrial-scale prototype plants will be designed, assembled, and tuned in order to put it into operation in different real end-users facilities.