About Servyeco | Analysis Laboratory

About Servyeco | Analysis Laboratory

 Accredited testing laboratory

SERVYECO laboratory consists of a team of technologists and analysts composed of chemists, biologists and pharmacists with high qualifications and technical capacity for designing sampling plans, test procedure and evaluation of results. This allows us to offer a variety of services in the analysis and advice, with the highest technical rigor and from the strictest confidence and independence.

Our laboratory is certified by ENAC according to the criteria in UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for performing physical-chemical and microbiological tests.

In addition, our laboratory has:
  • Certification of a quality system based on UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Certification of a environmental management system based on UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.



We have registration in the Register of Public Health, authorization and recognition of accreditation to perform physical-chemical and microbiological analysis in water for human consumption, pools, food, atmosphere, surface and Legionella by the following Ministries and Regional Administrations:

  • Generalitat Valenciana 
  • Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Gobierno de La Rioja
  • Gobierno Vasco
  • Gobierno de Canarias
  • Comunidad de Madrid
  • Región de Murcia
  • Junta de Andalucía
And we are Hydraulic Administration Collaborating Entity granted by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs to control water discharges.

Laboratory activity

Water analysis

  • Isolated and integrated sampling
  • Performing in-situ analysis
  • Physicochemical and microbiological characterization of water
  • Water control in pools
  • Drinking water control
  • Analytical control of Legionella
  • Study and evaluation of risk facilities for Legionelosis
  • Water control in cooling circuits, condensers and evaporators
  • Water control in reverse osmosis and ionic exchange systems
  • Water control in boilers
  • Efficiency control of biological water treatment systems (study of influent, effluent and activated sludge)
  • Recommendations for cleaning reverse osmosis units
  • Advice on compliance with current legislation
  • Technical advice on treatment of industrial and urban wastewater
  • Technical studies for optimization and development of waste water treatment processes by Jar-test

Sludge and soil analysis

  • Sludge and soil leaching test
  • Physical-Chemical characterization
  • Characterization of wastewater treatment sludge for agricultural use

Analysis of environments and surfaces

  • Sampling and microbiological analysis of environments, surfaces and utensils
  • Environmental automatic sampling system
  • Indoor air quality in buildings for the study of "Sick Building Syndrome"

Delivering results

The new technologies of information and communication allow us to provide results quickly and efficiently once the analysis is completed. Through an online inquiry via our website, www.servyeco.com, our customers can check their test reports.

Available to our customers is always SERVYECO technical team to help interpreting and offering advice on the results, guiding our clients on compliance with legislation.