What is it?

The ADIFOAM series of products are liquid defoamers with both defoaming and antifoam efficacy that offer a high efficiency in the elimination of foams.

The foams generate problems in hydraulic systems as they cause errors in the operation of level probes, transfer pumps, equipment samples and others, in addition to producing alterations in the biological purification systems, therefore, they are of great importance the use of defoamers.

Servyeco has developed an extensive range of defoamers designed to meet a wide variety of needs in wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment.

The ADIFOAM Series is composed of different types of defoamers. Among them we find products formulated based on mineral oils, vegetable oils, silicone derivatives and esters of fatty acids.



The ADIFOAM series consists of silicone-free and silicone-free defoamers that contain a high concentration of active material, so that the effectiveness as antifoam is very high.

Some of these products are free of silicone that do not contain mineral oils, nor EBS, in this way, they are highly biodegradable products and, therefore, very suitable for biological liquors.

This series avoids the problems derived from the formation of foams by eliminating them and preventing their later reappearance.

In the ADIFOAM range we find food grade defoamers. Some of these products can be used as food defoamers and others can be used in water in contact with food. These are products authorized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), indicated for the control of foam within the food industry and annexes.

In some of the products, the stabilizing materials of the emulsion contained in the product favor the correct mixing and distribution in systems with a large volume.



The sectors in which foam problems can appear are very diverse, since they are linked to wastewater generation and treatment processes in physical and chemical biological systems and also to water circuits such as refrigeration circuits and evaporative condensers.

These products are used in any process that presents foam problems such as treated water, homogenization rafts with agitation or aeration, biological reactors, control and collector boxes, distillation and vacuum systems and paper manufacturing. The selection of each chemical will depend on the surfactants present in the water, the engineering and the water quality required.