Adifoam for wastewater treatment





Foams are air dispersions within liquids containing surfactants, proteins, starches… By increasing surface tension, the air becomes trapped inside the liquid forming bubbles.

Foams produce problems in hydraulic systems due to the errors caused in level sensors, transfer pumps, sampling equipment and others. Furthermore, foams could produce alterations in biological reactors.

Servyeco has developed an extensive range of antifoam designed to satisfy a wide variety of wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment needs.

ADIFOAM Series is comprised of products formulated with mineral oils, vegetable oils, silicone derivatives and fatty acid esters.

Because of the high concentration of these emulsions, ADIFOAM Series are very effective products, it must be emphasized that the stabilizing materials of the emulsion facilitate a correct distribution mixture in large systems. These products are effectively both defoaming and antifoaming which offer high efficiency over a wide range of pH, salinity or temperature.


Industrial Sectors

The sector with foam problems are very diverse, since they are linked to processes of generation and treatment of waste water in physical-chemical and biological systems and also to water circuits such as refrigeration circuits and evaporative condensers.

These products are used in any process involving foam problems such as treated water, homogenization tank with agitation or aeration, biological reactors, control manhole and collectors, distillation and vacuum systems and papermaking. The selection of each chemical will depend on the surfactants present in the water, the engineering and the water quality required.

Servyeco, has products authorized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), suitable for the foam control in food industry. Products can be put in direct and indirect contact with food, to avoid the formation of foams during their handling.



The application of anti-foam products has two different functions, on the one hand, avoiding damages of mechanical elements of the installation and on the other, improving the performance in some processes such as wastewater biological treatment.

Our products have antifoam properties because the prevent foam formation and defoamers properties because they eliminate the foam already formed. ADIFOAM Series products contain molecules that combined with these molecules in the bubble walls cause its rupture and, thus, foam formed is eliminated.



The use of pure product is recommended but could be dosed diluted in water over 5% concentration. Automated equipment is used to the diluted preparation but must be dosed in some hours.

If the product has remained at the rest for a long time, stirring is required because a fully reversible phase separation should be possible. However, it does not affect in any way the effectiveness of the dilute product. It is recommended to dose before the area with foaming problems, but it depends on each individual case. If it is also dosed in previously selected points of the facility, foam formation can be avoided as well. Dosing can be done manually at shock doses or by metering pumps, there is also the possibility of automating the use of these products with continuous foam control equipment. 



The effectiveness of these products has been demonstrated when foam disappears and it subsequent formation is avoided.



The ADIFOAM Series avoids the foaming problems eliminating formed foam and avoiding their subsequent reappearance. Some of these products contain no mineral oils, EBS or silicone oil son they are highly biodegradable and, therefore, very suitable for biological liquors. In some of the products the stabilizing materials of the emulsion facilitate the proper distribution and mixture of the product in high volume systems. Finally, within the ADIFOAM Series there are some products containing a high concentration of active material so its effectiveness as defoaming is very high. Water with foam has inferior quality, because foam drags solids and complicates facilities.



Due to foam formation, facilities sometimes are not able t manage the water flow that they were design for, so avoiding foams the proper operation of facilities is ensured, optimizing processes with the subsequent economic benefit. ADIFOAM Series are very concentrated antifoams. Because of that, the cost of products in the processes and costs of packaging and shipping are optimized.