Bioaugmentation: ECOBAC

Bioaugmentation: ECOBAC


The products of ECOBAC Series are essential in biological wastewater treatment plants, when purification process present limitations or problems, such as:

  • Irregular process of biological treatment.
  • Removal performance of organic components limited or inefficient.
  • Adverse conditions of organic overload, giving high values ​​of COD, BOD5 and MES.
  • Specific issues derived from accidents or human mistakes that generate toxic waste or biocides, organic overload, flow increase and/or filamentous bacteria growing.


After the application of a specific product of ECOBAC Series, the recovery time of the biological treatment could range from 5 to 14 days, depending on the severity of the overload.

In other cases, biological systems only have a deficiency of some essential elements or compounds required by the microorganisms in order to treat water properly. These nutrients are constituents of bacterial cells and enzyme that carry out the break of the organic matter from the water. In these systems, a contribution of macro and micronutrients to satisfy the needs of the microorganisms is mainly required.



The ECOBAC Series products can reduce the recovery time from a WWTP mainly by two mechanisms:

  • Instant growth of selected bacterial cultures highly active.
  • The highest rates of substrate utilization.


•          Selection

There are a wide range of products depending on the treatment required. The most appropriate treatment depends on the type of the limitation observed and can be approached from two general points of view:

  • Covering the nutritional needs of biological reactor microorganisms.
  • Increasing the current performance of recalcitrant compounds removal in order to accomplish the discharge parameters.

•          Dosage

ECOBAC Series products are available in two forms, solid or liquid. When supplied in powder form, the products must be dissolved previously by continuous stirring and dosed into the bioreactor. When supplied in liquid form, the application is directly into the biological reactor.

•          Control

In order to evaluate the performance and efficiency of the proposed treatment, a microscopic observation of the sludge would be carried out. So, the evolution of the aspect of generated flocs can be detected, including the stability of the bacterial species present in the microbiota. Moreover, the problematic parameters values would be progressively reduced, since the optimal plant efficiency will be reached. In most of cases, the products of ECOBAC Series allow reaching discharge limits.



•          Technical

Bacterial cultures of ECOBAC series offer to the biological treatment facilities the appropriate conditions to ensure proper operation, its activation after overload or failure and accomplishing the discharge limits in the most problematic parameters, such as COD, BOD5 and MES.

The ECOBAC Series products are based on strictly non-pathogenic microorganisms (Group 1 Biohazard, 2000/54/EC standard), non-GM, from the Natural Environment, facultative anaerobic bacteria.


•          Economic 

The economic benefits are derived, on the one hand, from the proper conditioning of effluent discharge, in compliance with current legislation and thus avoiding the risk of administrative penalty.

On the other hand, the reduction of energy consumption in a biological treatment plant entails a significant energy saving and is directly connected to the oxygen generation process (blower, turbine ...). The value of dissolved oxygen present in the reactor and its efficiency in the biological treatment process can be optimized by using ECOBAC Series products.