Bleaching Agent: DECOLOR

Bleaching Agent: DECOLOR


DECOLOR Series are liquid products especially appropriated for colour removal in industrial wastewater. It is focused on sectors where the colour in the water, mainly coming from the dyes, is difficult to remove by conventional techniques, for example in the textile industry. These chemicals are based on dicyandiamide formaldehyde polymers in aqueous solution. Current products could be used in a wide range of pH.



•          Selection

The DECOLOR Series is mainly used in industrial wastewater treatment plants to remove color in treated water and reach specific values for the discharge, required by the regulations. These products could be used alone or in combination with both organic and inorganic coagulants. If they are applied alone act as organic coagulants with the benefits of this kind of products. Additionally, if they are applied with other coagulants act as aids, enhancing coagulation water treatment processes.

•          Dosage

These products can be applied directly or after dilution in all proportions. To optimize the performance of these products it is highly recommended to maximize the contact time with the incoming water. Thus, the best dosage point is greatly far from flocculant injection point, getting high water turbulence in order to optimize the product blending.

•          Control

The effectiveness of DECOLOR Series is demonstrated if color reduction of the treated water effluent is obtained.



•          Technical

The DECOLOR Series allows color removal in treated water in order to reach values required by the regulations for the discharge. They can also act as processing aids to improve coagulation process in the treatment of industrial wastewater. These products could be also used in biological treatments, dosed before the secondary decanter or tertiary treatment. By getting better clarified water, the COD of the final effluent is reduced.

•          Economic

With this series of products color removal of treated water is obtained, reaching values required by the regulations for the effluent discharge and avoiding further costs derived from waste management.