Chemicals for process water | Introduction

Chemicals for process water | Introduction

Servyeco has developed an extensive range of chemicals, designed and manufactured with the latest available technologies. Servyeco through the most environmentally friendly processes provides chemicals in order to satisfy the needs derived from water treatment process in industrial sector.

Our chemicals and technologies ensure the preservation of materials and components in cooling circuits, evaporative condensers, boilers and reverse osmosis plants. Thus, the risk of technical stops, maintenance and energy costs are reduced, the water quality is guaranteed and environmental and public health risks are avoided.

Product selection and technical assistance

In-house manufacturing and our highly specialized technical team allows us to assess the working and facilities conditions, developing subsequently customized chemicals according to the characteristics of each industrial process and facility.

The after-sales service and strict control of water quality is guaranteed by our experts. Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced analytical instrumentation certified by administration and our technical experts have portable equipments to offer the best service in your own facilities offering an efficient management of industrial water and productive processes.


Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, boilers and desalination or reverse osmosis plants, are facilities that can be found in almost every sector.

Our clients

Our main clients are from diverse sectors, most of them are from industrial sector: energy, chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, textile, tanning, paper and cardboard, plastics, metal-mechanic sector, mining, ceramics, waste manager... We work also in the service sector in facilities such as desalination of sea water, hotels, spas, shopping mall...