Chemicals Manufacture

Chemicals Manufacture

We have facilities of 7,000 m2 where we manufacture chemicals under the highest quality standards. These chemicals are used for water treatment of different types of facilities, for wastewater treatment plants, industrial water treatment facilities and urban wastewater treatment plant.

Chemical products for wastewater treatment 

Our treatments for wastewater, whether industrial or urban, are highly competitive, and our specialists audit the facilities of our customers with the aim of offering a personalized treatment, according to individual needs. We develop customized products and services in order to our clients get reduce maintenance costs, waste production and the possibility of penalties. Thus, we get also improve the image of our clients to their stakeholders.

Our high efficiency coagulants  and flocculants have been specially developed for use in processes of solid / liquid separation, sedimentation, flotation and dewatering.

Our range of synthetic coagulants (SINTEC, ECOMIX and ECOTEC series) can improve the cost – benefit ratio over other inorganic coagulants based on aluminum or iron, decreasing the volume of sludge, reducing the cost/m3 of treated water and getting a substantial improvement of water quality.

In addition, we have developed an innovative line of organic coagulants of natural origin (BEWAT) representing the best option when an ecological solution is required. These natural products achieve high performance and do not provide metals and salts in treated water and sludge. For that reason, they facilitate biological processes, without increasing the conductivity, without additional pH regulators, preserving and promoting the safety of persons and the maintenance and durability of facilities due to their non-corrosive features.

We have also specific products that allow remove pollutants as metals, fluorides,… and products for controlling odors and antifoams.

Manufacture of chemicals


Chemical products for industrial process water

In Servyeco we have developed an extensive range of products designed to satisfy a wide variety of needs in industrial water treatment, both as a multifunctional treatment and as customized solutions, so that each client have the most adequate treatment for their specific processes.

Each client is individually audited by our specialists, with a result of immediate and long term significant savings, improving the efficiency of boilers, heat units, cooling systems and reverse osmosis equipment.

We have developed a wide range of multifunctional products meeting all areas of protection of the equipment in only one application. Our multifunctional products are easy to be used because with an only product, the facility is protected.

We have also a wide range of antiscalants that prevent deposits in cooling circuits, steam boilers and reverse osmosis systems, improving industrial performance. In cooling circuits bacterial proliferation is avoid. In steam boilers a reduction in high costs of maintenance is carried out, always guaranteeing the correct equipment conditions. In reverse osmosis systems membrane fouling is reduced, avoiding stops and improving the conservation of membranes.

Thanks to our range of corrosion inhibitors, the extension of the longevity of the facilities of our clients is carried out, avoiding the costly problem of corrosion in the installations.

Furthermore, microbiological control in the facilities is essential for proper operation and to prevent the emergence of diseases that can cause public health problems, such as legionella. To address this problem, we develop customized treatment programs and our biocides are registered for the prevention of legionella on risk facilities.

We also have biodispersants and cleaners. The presence of organic and inorganic deposits reduces the flow rate of industrial systems, causing costly downtime and favoring microbiological contamination of equipment. Our series of specific products allows us to keep facilities in perfect conditions and cleanliness.

The appearance of foam causes problems of drag towards the steam and condensates lines. We have antifoams to condition the boiler water


Manufacture of chemicals         Manufacture of chemicals        Manufacture of chemicals


Chemical products for the treatment of the drinking water

SERVYECO has developed NATPOL an unpopular line of products for the treatment of possible waters.

The NATPOL EC coagulant series are multicomponent products of a synthetic nature. Whose main function is to make the suspended matter more sensitive by forming flocs more quickly. Thus, they have a much higher coagulant efficiency than traditional inorganic products. They allow reducing consumption by 70%.
The series of multifunctional NATPOL MT, are very versatile eco-innovative products that facilitate the decantation with the use of a single product, resulting in a much more active and profitable product. In this way, the use of coagulants and flocculants is eliminated.