Biocides from ECOCIDE series act on the bacteria by different mechanisms of action. Oxidizing products have a fast action and non-oxidizing products have a slow action. The recommendation of the biocide is carried out, on one hand, according characteristics of facilities and water and, on the other hand, according people contact with water or aerosols, corrosion risk of the system and even bacterial growth that can be given in each circuit cooling or evaporative condenser.

The right guidance in these treatments is essential in order to reduce health and facilities risks. The cost of treatment can vary substantially depending on the selected treatment. In facilities risk from Legionella is required to use biocides registered by the Ministry of Health.




The choice of the most proper biocide depends on the parameters of the circuit design, the amount of microbiological contamination and the maintenance of the facilities, between other factors.


Sometimes, a treatment with a combination of several biocides is necessary.


The application of these products is carried out continuously or with shock dose through dosing equipment that can be controlled with the biocide residual in situ.



·         Technical advantages

Is essential to carry out a proper microbiological control to ensure the correct performance of the facility and avoid problems derived from biofouling and risks to public health, such as legionellosis.


·         Competitive advantages

Servyeco wide experience allows designing the most suitable program for each facility, and can even make bioefficacy tests on the matrix under study and bacterial strains isolated from the equipment. Thereby the most effective treatments are selected and with the best technical and economic efficiency.