Biofilm or biofouling is a biological growth substrate, formed inside the conductions or on the surfaces of the cooling circuits and evaporative condensers, where bacterial contamination may be protected from the activity of biocides.

The biodispersants are liquid chemicals that prevent the formation of an organic layer or decompose this layer if is already formed.


The ECODIX DF can be applied in shock dose for the maintenance of the facility free of bacterial growth biofouling, or for punctual cleaning works carried out in the facility.

Its effect favours the action of biocides ECOCIDE, reaching facility points that before where covered by biofilm.

For cases in which a considerable thickness of biofilms may exist, the dose should be repeated frequently and anticipate the output of biological remains.



·         Technical advantages

The absence of biofilm in a cooling circuit or evaporative condenser allows greater microbiological control of the facility, preventing bacterial growth and the risk of transmission of diseases such as legionellosis.

·         Competitive advantages

In order to accomplish the current legislation on prevention of Legionella, the facility has to be free of bacteria. The maintenance program must, therefore, keep the facility clean of fouling and corrosion products to avoid biofilm.