During stops in maintenance operations of steam production boilers all the rest of dirt, due to the presence of scaling and corrosion, have to be efficiently eliminated through a proper cleaning program. Furthermore, the facility has to be in the best possible conditions in order to work during long periods of time without incidents and protected from the usual problems, thanks to a proper passivation inside the boiler.



These products are liquid so are dosed with dosing pumps or shock doses, repeating periodically depending on the necessities of the treatment.



CALDIX L-100 is a chemical that allows cleaning the internal part of the boiler through a blending of acids and corrosion inhibitors. In this way, residual inorganic deposits and iron oxides are removed without risk for the facility.

Once the internal part of the boiler is in perfect conditions, the passivate with the application of ECOTECH DEHA is carried out.



·         Technical advantages

We have a protocol for the application of products for the cleaning and passivation, allowing the application of the product under control and without risk for the installation.

·         Competitive advantages

If it is possible is important to select the time to do the process of passivate in order to anticipate the apparition of structural damages in the equipment avoiding stops and expensive repairs.