Fluorides removal: ECOFLUOR

Fluorides removal: ECOFLUOR


ECOFLUOR Series is based on coagulation aid liquid products, focused on removal fluorides during chemical treatments, mainly in settling processes. In several industrial sectors, high value of fluoride content is detected in the wastewater and can not be removed with conventional chemicals. Servyeco has developed a new and innovative range of products which reduce fluoride content down to the technical and legal requirements. These products are widely used in the metal-mechanic sector.


•          Selection

The reactivity of the fluoride ion makes its removal from effluents very complicated. One of the main techniques used for its treatment is based on the use of calcium compounds (usually calcium hydroxide). Calcium fluoride is obtained and collected in filter bags. However, it presents a great number of disadvantages such as low efficiency in total elimination of fluorides and generation of very bulky and bad-dewatered sludge.

•          Dosage

These products are usually applied directly so a previous dissolution in water is not necessary. Rigorous control of pH for optimal coagulant efficiency in order to remove as much fluoride as possible is necessary. Furthermore, in some cases, the use of ECOFLUOR products combined with pH control agents may significantly improve the efficiency of removal.

•          Control

In order to determine the removal efficiency and therefore control the correct use of ECOFLUOR products, analytical testing at laboratory scale are necessary to determine ion fluoride concentration (ppm) present in the wastewater and compare with the initial values of the inlet water. By proper dosing and monitoring of these products, removal rate close to 95% can be reached.



•          Technical

ECOFLUOR products are capable of removing fluorides present in wastewater, reaching levels of removal rate greater than 95%. Moreover, it has the advantage of producing a very compact sludge treatable by settling and subsequent filtration in industrial wastewater treatment plants, achieving a significant reduction of its volume and subsequent derived costs.

•          Economic

The use of ECOFLUOR products for fluoride removal present in the wastewater has great economic advantages. On one hand, the required product dose is minimized simplifying the treatment process and eliminating the addition of further coagulation aids. On the other hand, the volume of sludge generated is reduced, decreasing the cost of the subsequent management. In both cases, the direct consequence is a drastic reduction in economic costs.