INDUTEC DAI series is composed of a wide range of liquid antifouling chemicals very versatile that maintains cooling towers and evaporative condensers free of inorganic salt deposits produced by saline saturation of the system.




The choice of these products depends on the nature and characteristics of the inlet water.

These products are dosed on the inlet water through automatic dosage systems in proportional dose to the flow of water replacement of the cooling circuit.

These products are easy to be applied and dosed and water soluble at any proportion.

To ensure proper dosing is necessary to determine the residual of the main active component, and based on the result of this analysis the dose of the product will be modified.



·         Technical advantages

There is a specific product according to the inlet water characteristics of the installation. Thus, products INCUTEC DAI series were dosed on hard and semi hard water, which have not been subjected to decalcification processes.


·         Competitive advantages

The treatment of recirculating water volume with this range of products can significantly increase the cycles of concentration of the circuit, reducing the purges, and therefore the costs of water consumption and operating costs of equipment, maintaining the facility in optimum condition.

Servyeco formulates these products for the needs of their customers, presenting products with a high concentration of active compound or diluted for direct application.