Multifunctional Products: SOLTEC

Multifunctional Products: SOLTEC


SOLTEC Series products are multifunctional solid coagulants for wastewater treatment in batch process. These products are highly recommended when the content of oil, grease and surfactants in the wastewater is very high. They are usually dosed in industrial wastewater treatment with low flows in continuous or in batch treatments. With a single product, water is purified and ready for disposal or reuse without the use of any other chemical like coagulants, flocculants or neutralizing agents.


•          Selection

The products of the SOLTEC Series are used for industrial wastewater treatment from different sectors like ceramics, paper, cardboard or textile. With a single multifunctional solid product water is efficiently treated. Additionally, these coagulants are mainly effective when the content of oil, grease and surfactants in the wastewater is very high.

•          Dosage

The multifunctional solid product can be applied directly to the wastewater or pre-diluted with water by a stirring preparer. In both cases, the coagulant efficiency is similar.

•          Control

The effectiveness of the SOLTEC Series in industrial wastewater is very visibly based on turbidity values obtained in the treated water. The contaminant matter, both dissolved and suspended, is destabilized by the coagulating action, while the lower turbidity values are obtained for the clarified water. Furthermore, the floc consistency increases with product efficiency, so when effectiveness is maximized smaller sludge volume and easily dewatering is obtained.



•          Technical

The SOLTEC Series presents technical advantages directly related to the coagulant efficiency. The suspended solid and turbidity values are reduced compared to the values obtained with similar doses of inorganic coagulants. Furthermore, due to their multifunctional character, a single solid product can be used, dosed directly without previous dilution. Thus, the use of chemicals is reduced in the wastewater physical-chemical treatment. Additionally, the volume of generated sludge is also reduced.

•          Economic

The use of SOLTEC Series products has economic benefits associated with the reuse of wastewater, the cost of consumed products and the removal or simplification of dosing equipment. Additionally, the volume of sludge generated is also reduced.