Natural Coagulants

Natural Coagulants

Developed innovation description

In Servyeco we have developed a range of natural based coagulants. These coagulants are presented in liquid form have a polymeric structure of polyphenols, are coagulants used in waste water with optimal results. Its chemical structure presents multiple polyhydroxyphenyl groups, which have a high affinity for the proteins, metal ions and other macromolecules such as polysaccharides. They also have antimicrobial properties, thus reducing or eliminating the content of pathogenic microorganisms capable of causing disease.

Our natural based coagulants perform in industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants in a similar way the synthetic coagulants, agglomerating suspended particles containing in raw water, facilitating sedimentation and reducing turbidity. However, they have great advantages in front of traditional treatments.

These coagulants are efficient both sedimentation (settling) and flotation systems very common in industrial and urban wastewater treatment plants. Nevertheless, when the content of oils and fats is very high, its efficiency is optimal in flotation systems, for example in water from food processing, chemical, petrochemical...


Advantages over traditional alternatives

The natural based coagulants have a great number of advantages over traditional alternatives (inorganic and synthetic coagulants):

  • Due to the natural origin of these coagulants, its handling is safer for people. Moreover, they improve subsequent biological treatment and biodegradability of sludge produced also allows its use in agriculture, by not providing metals. Using these natural coagulants smaller volumes of sludge are obtained and less toxic sludge are generated so the costs associated to the sludge handling are highly reduced.

  • Its higher coagulant efficiency allows more active colloidal aggregation and more consistent floc than with traditional reagents, so that the necessary quantity of product is reduced and also the associated costs.

  • Due to the more compact floc formation, is greatly reduced or completely eliminated the use of flocculants, and can achieve an effective precipitation of floc formed in the first purification stage and avoiding the extra costs due to the use of flocculant and the use of neutralizing agents is also avoid (calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide).

  • Its use not modifies treated water conductivity. For this reason, these products are highly recommended in recirculating water where the ion concentration may increase over time. Thus, protects against corrosion of metallic parts.

  • The natural coagulants of BEWAT series effectiveness is distinguished in a very visual way due to turbidity values obtained in the clarified of treated water. The more matter, dissolved and suspended, is destabilized because of coagulant action, the less turbidity values are obtained for these clarified. Furthermore, the floc consistency increases with product effectiveness, so that a high effectiveness of the products gives as a result a smaller sludge volume and easily dewatering because the sludge obtained have a high content of solids.

  • The BEWAT series are natural products, for that reason, they have better improvements than other traditional coagulants for water treatment such as an efficiency increase, not pH dependence and not increase in conductivity. In fact, the natural-based coagulants are dissolved without reacting with water, having coagulant optimum efficiency over a wide pH range, only limited by the stability of the product.

Servyeco products:Sectors:

Our coagulants provide solutions for the follow sectors (among others):

  • Ceramic sector

  • Metal-Mechanic sector

  • Paper industry

  • Frits & Glazes

  • Stone

  • Chemical industry

  • Textile sector

  • Food sector: slaughterhouses, dairy, oils, beverage

  • Urban waste water treatment plant


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