Natural Coagulants

Natural Coagulants


What is it?

BEWAT natural products are a very specific range focused on treating wastewater. They are mainly composed of polymers of natural origin extracted from plants, algae or animals. Among these are polysaccharides and water soluble substances that act as coagulation and / or flocculation agents.

In addition, these natural resources have the ability to combat microbes, reduce and eliminate the content of pathogenic microorganisms susceptible to disease.

Therefore, we find in BEWAT a series of natural coagulants highly respectful with the environment, thanks to the high degree of biodegradability and not to organic and inorganic agents.



  • BEWAT natural coagulants have a higher efficiency against traditional inorganic coagulants.
  • There are no sales of sales, so the conductivity of the effluent is not increased. Favoring the reuse of water.
  • They are 100% effective products in a range of pH 4-10.
  • Natural coagulants do not modify the pH of the treated water, so it is not necessary to use alkalizing products such as sodium or calcium hydroxide.
  • They are profitable to reduce the cost of the treatment: they avoid the use of technology, the decrease or the use of flocculants, they improve the quality, reducing the costs of waste management.
  • BEWAT is safer for people, since they are not corrosive or dangerous to health.
  • They do not contribute metals or water or sludge, favoring the valorization of agricultural use.
  • They are respectful with the environment, since they are composed of natural and sustainable compounds throughout their life cycle.
  • The natural coagulants prevent the wear of the establishment and the machinery, achieving lower maintenance costs.
  • Produce lower volumes of sludge, less toxic, and therefore cheaper to manage.



The natural coagulants BEWAT has a high effectiveness in terms of sedimentation, flotation and recirulation of water. Hower , when the content of oils and fats is very high, its efficiency is optimal in flotation systems.

They have been liquid so they can be applied directly or diluted obtaining optimal results. It is advisable to shake at the time of dissolution and use dosing pumps for its application. 

The results are seen very visually due to the turbity conclusions obtained in the transparency of the treated water.

This series of natural cpagulants are compatible with different sectors among which stand out: minicipal waters, agri-food, textiles, cardboard, automotive, construction, recycling, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical managers.

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