Organic Coagulants

Organic Coagulants

What are they?

Organic coagulants are liquid chemicals with high coagulnat efficiency thanks to their polymer sytucture and the strenght of cationicb charges.

At SERVYECO we have developed ADIPOL,  a series of organic cocgulamts for waste water treatment. Thes products act both as coagulants and as coagulation aids. They also completely elimanate the possibility of increased salts after treatment. 





  • Organic coagulants greatly minimize pH and conductivity changes by not consuming alkalinity from the medium.
  • Rapidly increase the correct separation of suspended solids by sedimentation processes.
  • They can increase the decantation speed using very low doses, therefore, by increasing the 
    decantation speed, the work flow can be increased significantly.
  • Organic coagulants reduce coagulation times considerably, improving the density of the clot formed,
     thus increasing their effectiveness.
  • The greater density of the floc formed makes it possible to obtain a reduction in the volume of sludge
     obtained, which leads to lower costs of managing the sludge obtained.
  • They completely eliminate the increase in salts and do not contribute metals.



The ADIPOL organic coagulants can be applied directly in the water or previously diluted. It is recommended as a coagulation  aid in two applications, or combined with other coagulants in the physical-chemical treatments. They can also be used during the secondary decanting process of the biological treatment, promoting the decantation speed, separation of the biological sludge and subsequent deshidration.