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Public sector

Publics buildings

This group includes hospitals, universities, colleges, ports, town halls, nurseries, geriatrics, penitentiary centers and airports. Due to their size and diversity, is necessary to know their requirements in order to extend the lifetime of facilities and to guarantee the quality to the daily users.



The pools are very costly for municipalities both on management and on maintenance. Sensity of users to poor maintenance and management of hazardous chemicals make that customers trust in SERVYECO due to our expertise and experience to manage this type of facilities.


Ornamental fountains

Ornamental fountains decorate our surroundings in cities. Maintenance and cleaning are vital to improve the image of the city and the uniqueness of the monument and the water quality for the conservation of the monument and enjoy for people who contemplate.


Urban wastewater treatment plant

The concentration of population in cities has produced that municipalities generate a large amount of wastewater and it must be purified for later disposal or reuse.


Water treatment plant

High demand for water in cities and the need to maintain a good quality, requires pretreatment of water before consumption.



Overexploitation of aquifers has caused in the coastal areas aquifers are salinated by seawater intrusion and measures to be taken to supply water to these coastal areas for consumption. To condition the water before consumption desalination plants they have been installed along the shorelines.