The product series OXTEC consists of a selection of multifunctional anticorrosive liquids chemicals, which protect against corrosion by different mechanisms. Furthermore, they present dispersing action, delaying the organic and inorganic fouling in the cooling circuits and evaporative condensers.

These products are easy to be applied and dosed and water soluble at any proportion.



The choice of these products is based on the characteristics of the inlet water, but especially on the characteristics of the facility, type of circuit, metallurgy, state of the different components...

These products are dosed by dosing pumps over the inlet flow, in the case of open or semi-open circuits, and over the total volume of the circuit for the closed cooling circuit.

In the case of open and semi-closed cooling circuits, product dose will be adjusted according to the results of the analytical determination of main active component of the formulation.



·         Technical advantages

The choice of this series of products ensures the proper performance of the system. This series of products protects the metallurgy, delays the appearance of oxidation points and films damaged areas to prevent oxidation progress.

·        Competitive advantages

The use of these products will significantly extend the lifetime of the plant, avoiding the substitution or replacement of items in evaporative condensers and cooling towers.