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Environmental health  |  Quality control of indoor environmental



We offer studies related to the amount of pollution generated by the industry during all its combustion processes.We make detailed reports that help you control and see what corrective measures should be implemented to avoid environmental health problems that lead to sanctions by the administration. 

In addition, we have maintenance service for air conditioning circuits. This ensures that optimal conditions are always achieved and microbiological contamination that may cause diseases is avoided. 

Finally, our environmental inspection and analysis service will make it possible for you to control the state of the facilities and can decide which cleaning and disinfection system is the most appropriate for the channels, always promoting a healthy environment.


Quality control of indoor environmentalQuality control of indoor environmental
Our environmental quality control system is based on:
• Audit and identification of facilities and environmental sampling points.
• Evaluate the hygienic conditions of air conditioning systems.
• Perform a microbiological analysis of samples in our certified laboratories.
• Propose a series of corrective action options and report results.
• Preparation of a final report and follow-up of corrective actions.