Quality control of indoor environmental

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Environmental health  |  Quality control of indoor environmental


Atmospheric control through a study of the pollution degree of emissions generated in combustion processes in industry. Our technical reports allow to control and to take corrective action to avoid environmental health problems and sanctions by the administration.

Maintenance of air conditioning circuits in optimal conditions to prevent microbiological contamination that may result in diseases. Our inspection service and environmental and surface analysis lets control the condition of facilities and carry out the actions required to clean and disinfect the canals, ensuring a healthy environment.

Quality control of indoor environmental   Quality control of indoor environmental


Quality control of indoor environmental programs include:

  • Audit and identification of facilities and environmental sampling points
  • Evaluate hygienic conditions of air conditioning systems
  • Microbiological analysis of samples in our certified laboratories
  • Proposal for corrective actions and results report
  • Submission of a final report and follow up of corrective actions