Synthetic Coagulants

Synthetic Coagulants

What are they?

These types of synthetic coagulants are products that act on the waste water to be treated, destabilizing both suspended matter and dissolved matter. The objective of synthetic coagulants is to form clots that can be disaggregated by solid-liquid separation processes. The most used techniques are the sedimentation of the precipitate and the flotation.

In SERVYECO we have developed 3 types of synthetic coagulants: ECOMIX, ECOTEC and SINTEC. All this series of coagulants aims to reduce the volume of sludge, reduce the use of neutralizing products and not increase the conductivity of the effluent. The ECOMIX, ECOTEC and SINTEC series are proposed for both sedimentation and flotation processes. In the case of having a high content of suspended solids in the residual water or values ​​of turbidity below the required it is advisable to opt for SINTEC or ECOTEC.



  • It diminishes the contribution of salts to the effluent and the concentration of salts in the processes of water reuse. Biodegradable composition, so that less toxic sludge will be obtained.
  • Minimizes pH variation and conductivity.
  • It increases the coagulant efficacy by allowing a more active colloidal aggregation and the formation of a coagulo - flocculum more consistent than with traditional reagents. In this way, the amount of product needed and the associated costs are reduced.
  • It diminishes the corrosion of the installations, by what the maintenance of the same will be much more economic. 
  • The use of flocculants is considerably reduced or completely eliminated, as more compact clots are formed.
  • The volumes of sludge are greatly reduced and a less toxic and less expensive sludge is generated.


 This series of synthetic coagulants are presented in liquid form, so they can be dosed either directly or previously diluted, without modifying their effectiveness. It is advisable to maintain agitation for its dilution and apply by suitable dosing pumps to the necessary flow rate. The effectiveness of the product will be easily observed since it is visually appreciated by the turbidity values ​​obtained in the clarification of the water. The more material, both dissolved and suspended, is destabilized thanks to the coagulating action, the lower the turbidity values ​​obtained for these clarified.