LIFE NEWEST- New urban wastewater tratment based on natural coagulants to avoid phosphorus pollution allowing mud's agrivalorization  

The LIFE NEWEST project (LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156) is a European research project that has been approved by the European Union within the LIFE + program.                                                                  

The main objective of the LIFE NEWEST project is to reduce environmental impact through the development of a new innovative and environmentally friendly technology at the industrial level capable of the elimination of total phosphorus in urban and industrial wastewater and the valorization of the agriculture generated sludge.In other words, the main aim is the industrial demonstration of an effective and efficient technology, based on the use of new organic polymers of natural origin for the treatment of water.

The LIFE NEWEST project is coordinated by SERVYECO, and the consortium partners are EGEVASA and GOMSA.

The technology developed has several advantages

LIFE NEWEST protects the environment

As this project will develop an innovative technological solution that allows the elimination of phosphorus in wastewater, therefore the reduction of the impact on the environment will be achieved.

This is because the technology is based on the use of new organic products of natural origin that are able to improve the coagulant efficiency and replace the corrosive and dangerous chemicals currently used, such as ferric chloride, aluminum sulphate, pH neutralizers. In addition, NEWEST technology does not provide pollutants to water, such as salts or metals. Therefore, the generated toxic waste is minimized, since containers with harmful products are no longer used and possible spills of chemical that are hazardous for the environment are avoided. In this way, it contributes to the conservation of nature by minimizing the potential impact on maritime ecosystems and avoiding the loss of biodiversity.

It is a highly effcient innovative technology 

Because it increases the average life of the facilities avoiding corrosion and deterioration by not providing salts, and if there is a subsequent biological treatment, it increases its efficiency by decreasing the oxygen supply and, therefore, the energy used. 

The NEWEST technology is highly safe for people  

Because it is based on the use of new organic polymers of natural origin for water treatment, these are sustainable products that does not represent any kind of danger for its handling in comparison with the chemical products used currently. Therefore, with this technology we would avoid the use of dangerous chemicals in their handling and it is not necessary to apply any specific regulations for their storage and transportation

NEWEST technology is highly profitable

Because the management costs will be reduced, given its high performance, since it eliminates the use of neutralizers, reduces the use of flocculants and ultimately reduces the waste generated and the volume of sludge.


In conclusion, the LIFE program develops a new highly efficient, economically profitable, environmentally sustainable technology for the elimination of total phosphorus in treated wastewater, in line with Directive 2000/60 / EC. This new technology is contributing to the improvement of the environment and sustainability of industrial processes as the dangerous chemicals and pollutants will be replaced by new sustainable organic products of natural origin for water treatment.


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