About Servyeco | Facilities maintenance

About Servyeco | Facilities maintenance

In SERVYECO we have a highly qualified team, specialized in the conservation and maintenance of water treatment facilities.

To provide this assistance, SERVYECO has developed customized service adapted to the needs of each client, offering everything from one-off assistance to integrated facility management.


  • Urban and Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange treatment plants
  • Drinking water plant for water supply, pumping and water trap
  • Sanitary water systems, public pools and ornamental fountains
  • Cooling water systems


Maintenance department

Work studies:

  • Study of the facilities, initial diagnosis, report proposing improvements and custom design of work methodologies and maintenance.
  • Water and sludge studies, analysis, Jar-Test, bioengineering studies, bioavailability and biodegradability, optimization of physico-chemical and biological treatment.
  • Study of energy efficiency and reuse of resources, water reuse, waste recovery and consumption reduce.


  • Predictive: Using diagnostic tools, tests, checks and calibrations, we reduce downtime, prevent production losses and optimize the management of maintenance personnel in a planned way.
  • Preventive: Creating a technical inventory with manuals, drawings and equipment specifications; technical procedures design with periodic work; exhaustive control of frequency and register of all operations, replacement parts and costs to help plan, aiming to promote the reliability and durability of the equipment.
  • Corrective: We have a very quick response capacity to corrections of breakdown and failures.